10 Litter Box Tips I Wish I Had Known About

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As a cat owner, we all are more than familiar with the joy of cleaning the litter box. It is a responsibility that we take on for the love of our cat, but we would almost do anything else. I can think of at least a hundred things I would rather be doing than cleaning the cat litter box. So it only makes sense to share with you 10 litter box tips I wish I had known about to help you make your litter box experience as painless as possible!

Choose the right litter box – For many of us, the trip to the local retail store is as far as we get to litter box diversity. However, the world of litter boxes is immense and you really do have so many endless choices to choose from. You need to take your cat into account. Things such as size, age and privacy preference all need to be determined before snagging the ideal litter box.

If you own only one cat who enjoys his privacy, a large hooded litter box may be in order. However, if you own multiple cats, you will find that a hooded box isn’t ideal as they don’t like to be sneaked up on as they do their kitty business. Utilize the beauty of Google to help you find the perfect box at the perfect price! Also, consider useful solutions for hiding your cat’s litter box.

Choose the right litter – As litter box choices are abundant, so are the types of litter. To narrow down the choices, start with choosing clumping or non-clumping.  I find clumping litter to be more cost efficient as well as a time saver. Next, consider scented or non-scented. This is usually a preference of the owner as many find scented helps to hide odours, but it can just as easily cause a sensitivity.

Most litters come in small box or bag choices, so maybe try something for a month and see how it works out with your cat. I can say from experience that the most expensive litter doesn’t always make the best choice.

Choose a metal litter scoop – Most often you will find plastic litter scoops. These are usually what I see stocked at local retail or grocery store. However, these are not ideal at all. For years I had plastic litter scoops and I could never get a firm grip on a large amount of litter at a time. I would find myself scooping and scooping the same spot more than once to get it cleaned. Thankfully, my husband went to a pet store and found a metal scoop. Let me tell you, this WILL change your life. Get into the kitty scooping big leagues and treat yourself to a metal scoop!

Choose the best location for the litter box – Now this has as lot to do with your house size as well as your cat’s preference. Putting the litter box in a private area away from heavy traffic is your cat’s first choice. Kitty doesn’t want an audience to share his kitty business with. Many find that the laundry room or a spare bathroom works well for some kitty privacy, but also take into account how many cats you have.

You don’t want to have multiple cats and only one litter box. My 10 cats each have their own litter box that is located downstairs. It is easily accessible and away from foot traffic. Having litter boxes on each level of the home is also recommended if possible. Should your cat need to get to a box fast, one close by is preferred.

Keep the litter box clean – This really goes without saying. You wouldn’t want to use a dirty toilet and neither does your cat. Scooping the litter box daily or at least every 2 days usually does the job. If you find your cat starts to go outside the box, one reason could be the cleanliness factor. Make sure the litter  box sides are free from urine and feces every time you scoop. Listen to your cat. Bathroom issues really are their way of telling you something important.10 Litter Box Tips I Wish I Had Known About

Check cat waste for problems – Most people want to do the cat litter as fast as possible, which is understandable. However, I find that one of the first signs a cat is having issues, whether emotional or physical, can be noticed in the litter box. Make sure that your cat is both urinating and defecating daily. If you start to notice a strange odour, excessive urine, or blood, you will want to get your cat seen immediately by your vet.

Add the power of baking soda – Most people are familiar with the magical power of baking soda. It can be used in cooking as well as for countless cleaning applications. Just like the baking soda box you put in the fridge, you will find that putting one near the litter helps with unwanted odours. You can also sprinkle baking soda into the litter every time you scoop it for a little extra magic!

Blow your nose – Now this is a tip I have never read anywhere, but it is everything if you are the lucky one who cleans the litter box. It is ridiculously important that once you are finished cleaning the cat litter, that you blow your nose and run a tissue around inside the nose. Most of us don’t realize how much litter dust gets into our nose just from the few minutes it takes to clean the litter box.

Try this once and I promise, you will be surprised what a big difference it makes. No one wants to walk around spending the day casually getting a whiff of cat litter because the dust is still in their nose!

Do a complete litter change once a month – This goes beyond just scooping out the clumps. You will want to change out your litter often enough that your cat can continue to enjoy the fresh litter feeling. Changing out the cat litter also allows you to clean the litter box thoroughly. Trust me, your cat will thank you!

Reassess 1-9 often – Sometimes what worked once upon a time, doesn’t work for the here and now. It is important to reassess all nine of these fabulous tips to make sure you and your cat are getting the best litter box experience!

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