10 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

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It’s said that dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. That may be true, but we may not always be a dog’s best friend. Humans often do things that annoy or upset their dogs, often without intending to. Here are 10 things humans commonly do that dogs find annoying.

Fake Playing

1. Fake Playing

Canines can get quite annoyed when humans fake play with them. While they love chasing balls and Frisbees around the yard or at the park, they hate the fake act of pretending to throw. They may get excited the first few times, and they might even run to catch the pretend ball, but upon finding out that the owner is just faking it, the dog will stop playing, even if it’s for real. (I guess the lesson here is that nobody likes a faker!) So loosen your arm and be ready to throw the ball or Frisbee around. Your dog will thank you for the extra effort

Yell for Barking

2. Yelling At Them For Barking

We all know that dogs communicate by barking. There is nothing more annoying to a dog than being yelled at for speaking the only way they know how. Although barking can be disturbing to the owners, as well as to their neighbors, canines usually have a good reason for barking. They either hear a suspicious noise or smell someone they don’t know coming. Like you would with a screaming baby, try to be sensitive to your dog’s barking.


3. Teasing

Dogs hate to be teased, just like humans do. Don’t let your children pull on their tail, ride on them, or bark at them. This behavior is very confusing to canines, and can be dangerous for humans if the dog gets confused and attacks them. Dogs need to be treated with respect, even if you think that teasing them is funny. And, for the children, you might want to have them play with their own toys. Your dog will be thankful.

Tight Leash

4. Keeping a Tight Leash

Dogs love to explore their environment when they’re out on a walk with their owner. Although sometimes it’s necessary to keep the dog on a tight leash, whenever possible, try to give him his freedom. Dogs see with their noses, and they love stopping to smell trees and other greenery. (We all could benefit by stopping and smelling the roses!) The goal is to teach your dog how to walk on a loose leash and you will lower his levels of stress with dealing with a tight leash all the time.

Play With Other Dogs

5. Make Them Play With Other Dogs

Dogs are just like humans in that they have preferences for who they like and who they don’t like. You don’t want to be forced to interact with an annoying person who clearly disturbs you, and neither does your dog. Dog owners can usually know if their dog gets along with another dog. A key sign to look for is: are the dogs happily running around together or are they barking at each other and fighting? If you force your dog to be in an uncomfortable situation, he may bark very loudly, get upset, or even bite you or the other dog.

Hugging Dog

6. Hugging Them

As is the case with humans, many of us love to show our emotions by giving hugs. We hug our parents, our friends, our kids, and our dogs. However, hugs only annoy canines. Since they don’t have arms, they can’t even reciprocate. All they feel is someone reaching around them, squeezing, and holding on pretty tight for an extended amount of time. Although some dogs will not react negatively to hugs, they see it as an act of dominance by their owner. Therefore, reserve your hugs for humans.

Teach Them Tricks

7. Teach Them Tricks

We all know that dogs love to get treats but what is less known is that they don’t want to work for them. They don’t like having to do tricks to receive their goodies. Their point of view is…why do they need to learn to “play dead” or to give you their paw in exchange for a treat? They know it amuses humans, but it surely annoys dogs. The takeaway is that you’ll want to find other times or reasons to reward your pet.

Leave With Stranger

8. Leave Them With Strangers

When owners go on vacation, they tend to leave their pets with family members or friends, who are usually strangers to their dogs. The dogs get very annoyed as they don’t know how long the owner will be gone, or if they have left forever. That can create a stressful situation for the dog. They need to adjust to a new location, new rules and new humans for a period of time, only to be suddenly picked back up by their previous owner and taken back home.

Bring Home a Baby

9. Bring Home a Baby

A dog is used to being loved and spoiled by his owners. Leisurely Sunday walks in the park and stretching out with you in bed are suddenly put to an end when a brand new, screaming baby enters the house. A dog surely gets annoyed when all attention shifts from him to this tiny creature. Some of the time, the owners won’t even let the canine get close enough to the little one to smell or lick him, leaving dogs to be confused by this new presence. Like humans, dogs like the attention so you’ll want to be sensitive to their needs when you bring the new baby home.

Be Gone All Day

10. Be Gone All Day

When you bring home a brand new puppy, he wants to be cuddled and loved. After spending a weekend of bonding with the little guy, you have to leave to go to work, and are likely gone for eight to ten hours. A puppy or an older dog doesn’t understand this concept, and they are left all alone in the house wondering where their owner went. Dogs are very annoyed when they are left all alone with no one to play with for the entire day.



Did you ever think that what you do to your pup could annoy him!   Well this article outlines some of the things that we, as pet parents, commonly do to our dogs.    Do you do any of  these things to or with your pup.  The next time you do one of the outlineed items with your puppy, monitor your pup’s reaction to see if your pup is one of the fur babies that can get annoyed by things their humans do to them.

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