11 Perfect Gifts For the Pet Lover By Everyday Health Editors


Perfect Presents for Your Animal Pals

1 / 12 Perfect Presents for Your Animal Pals

Is your furball a part of the family? Leave a special treat under the tree for them this year with one of these healthy presents, tested and approved by our furry friends!

Whistle Activity Monitor, $99.95
2 / 12 Whistle Activity Monitor

Activity trackers are all the rage for people, and now your pup can get in on the action (and activity!) with this lightweight monitor. The accompanying app allows you to follow movement, set goals, and track mealtimes and medication, even when you’re at work or on the go.

Good for: Active dogs, busy parents (who want updates from the dog walker), overweight pups


Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy, $20.99

3 / 12 Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy

Keep your kitty occupied for hours with this motion-activated circuit that propels illuminated balls around a track, with openings for curious cats to safely reach into. (Caution: Our furry tester loved it so much that she played into the wee hours of the morning.)

Good for: An exercise boost, daily entertainment, energetic cats

Company of Animals Interactive Dog Toys by Nina Ottosson, $39.99-$52.99

4 / 12 Company of Animals Interactive Dog Toys by Nina Ottosson

Stumped on what to get the smartest dog on the block? Nina Ottosson’s interactive dog toys might be what Santa had in mind. With five different games to choose from, pooches can puzzle over different challenges in exchange for delicious rewards. Pictured above, the “Tornado” features dog bone-shaped rotating discs that swivel to reveal hidden treats. Other toys include “Dog Magic, “Dog Brick,” “Dog Spinny,” and “Casino” — all games Fido will love!

Good for: Curious chihuahuas, the Sherlock Holmes hound

Spot the Dog Reflective Gear, $19.95

5 / 12 Spot the Dog Reflective Gear

Your running buddies will be the envy of the neighborhood in these bright, reversible bandanas that’ll keep them visible to drivers and ensure they stay safe (and stylish).

Good for: Late-night walkers, running partners, yard roamer


Kinn Kangaroo Leash and Koala Plush-Comfort Collar, $14.95-$29.95

6 / 12 Kinn Kangaroo Leash and Koala Plush-Comfort Collar

Elevate your dog’s daily walk with these practical stocking stuffers with genius add-ons. Kinn’s luxurious, fleece-lined Koala collar is free of nylon, plastic, and metal parts, so it won’t irritate your pet’s neck or cause furry knots. The Kangaroo leash also has a fleece liner built into the handle and features a convenient bag dispenser and a shock absorber that’s gentle on both walkers and dogs.

Good for: Outdoorsy owners, tugging terriers

Dog Gone Smart's Rubie Roadie Cuddler Beds, $59.99

7 / 12 Dog Gone Smart’s Rubie Roadie Cuddler Beds

Does the dachsund, poodle, or pug in your life need a doggy bed upgrade? The Rubie Roadie Bed is ideal for small dogs and features water-resistant Repelz-it nanoprotection technology that doesn’t wear away or require constant cleaning. Available in three colors, the Rubie offers maximum comfort with a soft fleece lining and a deep, cushioned pillow. It’s heaven for your little hound!

Good for: Puppies, small dogs, senior dogs


Home Cooking for Your Dog Cookbook, $19.95


8 / 12 Home Cooking for Your Dog Cookbook

Table-scrap lovers will be in doggy heaven enjoying one of these 75 easy and nutritious recipes. Think: red velvet cake, potpie, and mac ‘n’ cheese. Plus, a convenient serving-size chart takes all the guesswork out of serving healthy amounts of human food to your pup.

Good for: Dogs treated like children, pet parents against processed food, under-the-table beggars


Catit Design Senses Massage Center, $21.99

9 / 12 Catit Design Senses Massage Center

After a long day of playing, treat busy cats to a spa day right in your own living room. The textured surface stimulates face and back muscles, massages paws, and cleans teeth and gums.

Good for: Cats who like to rub and chew, curious kitties, kitty couch potatoes

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher, $51.14

10 / 12 Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher
Now owners can indulge their fetch-loving friends minus the wet hands and sore arm. Launch tennis balls up to 75 feet in the air, enjoy a hands-free pick up (see ya later, doggy drool!), and log some major playtime with your pooch.

Good for: Ball chasers, playtime, slobbery pooches


Wellness Dog Treats, $7.99

11 / 12 Wellness Dog Treats

If your dog has a stocking hung on the mantle, these all-natural, grain-free treats are a go-to stuffer. Packed with superfoods like kale, sweet potatoes, and blueberries (plus prime cuts of meat) they’ll disappear before Santa’s even up the chimney.

Good for: A Christmas morning treat, health-conscious owners, meat lovers


YaffBars, $18 for 6 Pack

12 / 12 YaffBars

Move over, Mommy and me — try this “doggy and me” snack on for size. The first energy bar that is designed to be shared with your pet comes in delicious flavors like banana peanut butter and honey almond that will keep you both satisfied until the next meal.

Good for: Hikers, dogs in the passenger seat, travelers                       http://www.everydayhealth.com/pictures/perfect-gifts-for-the-pet-lover/#12





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