15 Cats Who Are In Big Trouble

The Place For Pet People | Cuteness       By Briana Hansen

It’s been said that cats are intuitive creatures. But it doesn’t take a psychic to know when you’ve screwed up big time. So here are a few cats who are well aware they’ve crossed a line.

1. This cat gets caught red-handed but still attempts to hide the evidence.

red handed
credit: Giphy

2. Can you really blame a cat for just having fun? (Answer: Yes, you can.)

3. “At least it only looks like blood, right guys?”

4. This cat did not think through the repercussions of his actions.

5. “It was like this when I got here.”

6. This cat who prefers his owners shoes to his bed.

credit: Giphy

7. Brat…

8. This cat is convinced he’ll be invisible if he just stays frozen.

9. It’s not this cat’s fault an expensive laptop makes a great stepping stone.

10. “Before you get mad…just remember that I’m not the one who chose paper windows.”

credit: Reddit

11. This cat putting its interior design skills to the test.

12. This badass cat spilled coffee all over and DNGAF.

credit: Giphy

13. If a tree falls in the house and nobody is around to see it happen, does it still require consequences?

14. Meow-ilyn Monroe.

15. “This isn’t my litter box?”

fridge cat



Too funny!!!  Great situations that put these kitties in big trouble!   Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.    Have a great day.

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