16 Hilarious Glimpses Into A Dog’s Brain

By Jeremy Sutheim|

16 Hilarious Glimpses Into A Dog’s Brain

What really goes on in a dog’s head? We may never know, but these memes have some suggestions.

1. How dogs see road trips.
Dog in a carseat against a backdrop of a colorful galaxy
credit: Reddit

2. Chimken nugs, yes pls!

Dog happy to be paid in chicken nuggets for modeling
credit: Tumblr

3. “They’re speaking in code again.”

Dog trying to understand what w-a-l-k means
credit: Instagram

4. So helpful!

5. Priorities.

Dog licking nose
credit: Imgur

6. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of insects, I will fear no stings”

Dog excited about eating flies and bees
credit: Imgur

7. Works for ostrich, works for doggo.

Dog hiding its face from owner
credit: Imgur

8. How humiliating.

Dog with inside out ear
credit: Imgur

9. Translation: Listen to your nose.

Dog sniffing picture of bowl of kibble
credit: Bored Panda

10. Just because it looks like grass…

11. Lasers, activate!

Dog with lens flare in eyes excited about treats
credit: Reddit

12. Good looking out, pupper.

Dog and cat concerned about human taking a bath
credit: Twitter

13. “We will not stand for this any longer! Nor will we sit!”

Husky wearing a sign that says "huskies against treason"
credit: Tumblr

14. That’s one way too big step for dogkind.

Dog standing in doorway behind sideways ladder
credit: Imgur

15. “I don’t want it, but you can’t have it either.”

Text message exchange about dog guarding an orange peel
credit: Reddit

16. There’s only one explanation.



It’s time to take a moment to enjoy some funny antics that our canine pups do during the day or  night.  I laughed until I cried.  Hope you enjoy the content of this  post as much as I did.

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