20 Cats Being Unbearably Adorable With Babies

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By Jeremy Sutheim

Cats and babies have a lot in common. They both nap a lot; they both like milk; and they both have heads covered in soft fur — uh, or hair. Whatever you call it.

1. Learning how to nap from the expert.

Cat and baby cuddling.
credit: Reddit

2. “Baby, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Cat and baby sleeping next to each other.
credit: Imgur

3. “I don’t know if the bipedal thing is really my style, but you do you, kid.”

Cat and toddler standing up.
credit: Imgur

4. “This one is mine. Get your own.”

Kitten sitting on baby's head.
credit: Catsparella

5. Weekend vibes.

Cat and baby lounging on carpet.
credit: Sweet-Blog

6. Cats are very good at keeping secrets.

Cat rubbing its face against toddler.
credit: Reddit

7. “Read it again.”

Baby with a book sitting on a couch with a cat.
credit: Dump a Day

8. Warm, fuzzy pillow.

Cat and baby cuddling.
credit: Scoopers

9. “They call it snow. It’s wet. Don’t bother.”

Cat and baby looking out window at snow.
credit: Imgur

10. “Hey. Hey, kid. Pet me. Pet me!”

11. There might be a little sibling rivalry here.

Cat sitting on baby in man's lap.
credit: Reddit

12. “You wait until they go in for the tummy rub, and that’s when you strike.”

Cat and baby laying on their backs.
credit: Imgur

13. Sweet little forehead kisses.

14. You call it a mess, they call it an opportunity.

Three cats and a toddler licking milk of the floor.
credit: Imgur

15. Even the baby can’t believe how soft a kitty is.

16. “Since the new human has no fur, I will warm it with my body.”

Cat and baby cuddling.
credit: Crnobelo

17. Delicious human toesies!

18. “Don’t let them fool you, kid. It’s as bad as it looks.”

Cat and baby looking into bathtub.
credit: Imgur

19. Road trip buddies.

Cat and baby cuddling in a car seat.
credit: Imgur

20. Just a big, sleepy pile of softness.

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