3 Amazing Ways To Honor A Dog Who Passed Away


Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest things that you will ever deal with in life. And that’s not just for humans, but also for our furry family members. Losing a dog many times leaves an irreplaceable hole in our heart, regardless of all the memories that you have of times cherished together. But thankfully there are ways to commemorate, and even honor our best friends. Above all, it’s important to remember them for who they were and the endless joy and love they brought to our lives.

Here are 3 amazing ways you can remember and honor a dog that has passed away:

1. Journal About The Happy Times:

All deaths are tragic, whether it’s sudden or after a long life lived. It’s important once your dog has passed away that you think about the happy times the two of you had together, and focus your mindset on that. It’s only fair to yourself that you keep yourself positive, give yourself time to deal with the loss, and preserve their memory in the way that they deserve. Talk about your dog with others, write down happy memories the two of you shared, and of course, keep the photos out that capture the moments in time the two of you had.

2. Plant A Tree in Their Honor

Many people think to give donations in their dog’s honor or perhaps even get some permanent ink, but planting a tree in their honor is also a nice way to let their legacy live on for years to come. Pick a nice spot in your yard and plant a young tree, and as the years pass, you’ll be able to watch that beautiful tree grow big and strong. Each day that passes you’ll have a living legacy that you can always look to when you want to be reminded of your special friend.

3. Memorial Bracelet That Feeds 22 Shelter Dogs In Your Pup’s Name

We created this so that we could honor our pup’s memory and make a real impact in their name. This fashion-forward bracelet serves as a memory of the dog you loved and helps feed 22 shelter dogs who are waiting to be loved. Click here to get yours.

When a dog crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, they always take a piece of your heart with them. We crafted a unique and symbolic bracelet that memorializes the relationship you have with a dog who has passed on. Each piece features the following elements, all designed to honor the memory of your beloved pup:

» 1 Paw Bead: Symbolizes the paw prints they left on your heart
» 1 Heart Bead: Symbolizes the piece of your heart they took with them
» 22 White Ceramic Beads: Each bead represents a meal donation made in honor of your dog. For each purchase, 22 meals will be donated to rescues and shelters through RescueBank.

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                                                                               COMMENTS FROM LOVINMYPUP.COM:

UNFORTUNATELY I have has several friends and relatives that have lost their furry soul mates recently.    It is a very traumatic event in the pet parent’s life.   Many of us feel that their dogs and/or cats are like their children.    I like this article since it offers some ways to keep your memories alive forever and bring closure at the end of their grief cycle.   Humans handle their grief in different ways.  For myself,  in 2010 i lost my husband and had to humanely euthanize our dobie due to GI Bleed.   I coudn’t go home until i had another furry baby- a companion to help me heal.   Some people chose to wait until they are through the grief cycle and others feel that the hurt is so bad, they chose not to have another fur baby EVER.

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We can also memorialize a pet who has passed for all eternity on line. This is a great way to give the pet a final tribute, and give the pet family a sense of closure and forever documentation of his/her life with you.

And remember to share your love with your pet (s) each and every day!


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    Hi Marsha!
    I’d like to have a memorial for my Bella here. How can I get started?

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      Thank you Alicia. I would love to memorialize your Bella. I will PM you through Instant messenger with details.

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