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Marsha and Bella working for the Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance Organzation during a pet show


Welcome to my second passion in life:  the world of canines!.   After 30 yrs, of Nursing,  I found myself with time to pursue my second passion – dogs!   While i started this web site for dogs only,  I soon learned that the cat parents needed information as well.  So I included information and articles for cat parents as well.   And I learned a great deal about cats and their needs.

My passion is all kinds and ages of canine and feline  friends.  If you love your pets  like I do then this is the web site for you!    I have raised and owned dogs for 47 years of my life, including small, medium , and large dogs. Many of the principles of care are the same , whether we are talking about a puppy,  adult dog, kitten, or adult cat..

My on line searches for questions on my pets used to be all over the internet.   Over the years I thought that going to one site for multiple types of information on care, grooming,  age- appropriate nutrition , health concerns, obedience training,  emergency care and general information on one site would be much more efficient.      Then of course I decided to include links to all kinds of  on line pet stores so pet parents could order their supplies from one site.

About 6 months ago I added a new concept to the site.   I now feature tributes to your pets on this site.  Pictures and narratives pay homage to your fur baby!     One of my proudest accomplishments was to take the “tributes”  to the next level and do Memorials to those pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Having the ability to memorialize the love between the pet and the pet parent not only brings me joy, but also helps the pet parents overcome their grief.  Their pet’s stories live on in Lovinmypup.com

LovinMyPup.com aims to do all that!    New articles and information will be posted and updated frequently.   Let me assist you in your journey as you enjoy the benefits of your Best Friend at your side!    Stop and Shop!

AND DON’T FORGET TO VISIT THE FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE   Lovin My Pup   (https://www.Facebook.com/Lovin-My-Pup-1068629096518744/ )   for more articles and fun stuff!

UPDATE:    We are pleased to announce a second web site to supplement this one.    Lovinmypets.com is a blog site that will have Pet Features and Memorials, and features on links and individual products  from this site.  It will also feature all natural, super fortified and grain free pet products from pawTree.com.

Visit these new sites to supplement Lovinmypup!