Are You Owned by a Cat?          Find out whether you or your cat is the boss in your home.

Many people joke that they’re owned by a cat rather than that they own the cat. To find out whether you’re one of the people who’s been captured into servitude to your feline overlord, compare your life to these signs.

Note: This article is meant only in fun. All of us at are owned by our cats and we don’t think there’s any problem with it!

Your Cat Has Nicer Beds Than You


Cats can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, so it makes sense that someone who owns a cat would provide them with lots of comfortable beds. And it’s a good idea to do that because it helps protect your other furniture from hair, cushions your cat’s joints, and generally helps your cat stay healthy and happy.

But if the cat beds are taking over every surface of your home and you don’t have anywhere to set your knick-knacks, you could be owned by a cat.

You Don’t Ever Move Your Sleeping Kitty


Have you ever stayed in your spot on the couch long after you wanted to get up to go to the bathroom, get a snack, or go to bed because there was a sleeping feline on your lap? While many cat owners love having a purring, soft ball of fur sleep on them, if you frequently can’t feel your feet because you’re trapped in strange positions by your napping cat, your cat might own you.

You Only Run the Vacuum Twice a Year


Many cats are scared of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, it’s nice to give consideration to your fraidy cat while cleaning the house. Maybe keep Kitty in one room while you quickly vacuum another. But if you forgo vacuuming altogether for months at a time so as not to traumatize your feline friend, you may be owned by a cat.

You Own More Cat Toys Than Clothes


Cats absolutely need toys and individual interactive playtime with their owners. It helps them stay mentally and physically happy and decreases unwanted behaviors. But if new cat toys are the first thing you buy with your paycheck, a cat may own you.

Whenever you try to sit down and pay bills, do your taxes, or perform some other type of paperwork, does your cat come along and lie right on top of it, so you can’t get anything done?

It’s nice having a feline friend keep you company while you perform mundane tasks, but if you find yourself getting behind on bills or sneaking out to your desk to try and get it done while your kitty sleeps in another room, your cat may own you.

If you read this article and determined that you’re owned by a cat (or two or three of them), don’t despair. Cats increase their humans’ quality of life, help lower blood pressure, and decrease their stress and anxiety. If yours gets to be the ruler of your roost in order to provide those benefits, we think it’s more than worth the cost.



This article was so correct in describing fur baby owners.   I can’t have inside cats due to severe allergies but I watch them with my friends and its true- they do own their parents.   So do many canine versions of these family members.  Your kitty is curled up on your lap-and you don’t move because you don’t want to disturb the little fur baby.     Or you can’t pay your pile of bills because your kitty has butted the pile of papers all over the floor. .I know my fur baby Bella owns my home and I know that my friends with cats are owned by them as well,  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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