Bella Loves Bananas… and more fruit!



I never thought to give Bella bananas, however, she loves to snack on small pieces of fresh fruit.  Watermelon is her favorite!  I never give her grapes or raisins in order to avoid kidney issues. So I decided to try giving her a small piece as a treat.   She normally gets carrot chips as a treat, so when I gave her the banana she appeared to be very confused.  Instead of the crunch of the fresh carrot,  she got the “mush” of a banana!    She looked up at me as if to say,  “Come on Mom – what is this???”   It was hysterical!   I decided to take the pressure off of her and try the recipe in the article for Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats!

When i read this article, the recipe looked interesting and easy to make – and  I am no bakery chef !.   But I decided to try it.  It was an easy recipe to follow, and Bella absolutely loved them. It was definitely more palatable in combination.  I strongly recommend this recipe!    it was easy to make, obviously delicious, and apparently much  more palatable then the piece of banana by itself!   Hope your pup enjoys it!   AND REMEMBER TO SMOOCH YOUR POOCH!   Good Nite!

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