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Benefits of Joint Supplements for Dog            Guest post  by  Chris Holzhauer.

Sometimes your dogs might show some symptoms of joint pain. So you start to look at the internet and ask other dog owners about it. You will get a common suggestion from most of the people is that try joint supplements. This particular disease is common among dogs. More than 18% of dog around the world has different kinds of joint pain.  Before taking any decision, you need to know the benefits of joint supplements for the dog. While you are researching about the joint supplement, you will also need to show your dog to a doctor. Don’t forget to take his opinion on joint supplement.

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Joint pain generally occurs among old dog. This generally happens due to the years of stress on a particular bone joint. They can also happen to a breed which has a genetic issue. Other than that if your dog is a working dog, then regular activity might cause pain in the joint. Obesity may also be responsible for pain in the bone.  It might be more curable for dogs at a younger age. Sometimes it becomes a chronic disease. Then it gets awfully hard to cure the joint pain properly. Many owners around the world whose dog has a joint problem, use the joint supplement for their dog. Some owner whose dog doesn’t have any joint problem, also apply joint supplement to prevent future joint pain.

 Benefits of Joint Supplements for Dog

The joint supplement contains essential element necessary for different parts of the bone joint. In this article, various kinds of medical term will be used. So you have to be a little bit patient. Hopefully, in the end, you will know the benefits of the dog supplements.

Joint pain may occur when thin and slippery bone covering the joint of two bone erodes. These thin layer of bone prevent the impact of friction between bones. This thin layer of bone is called cartilage. When cartilage doesn’t function appropriately, hard bone get damaged because of the friction between the joint. Then the joint pain occurs.

Joint supplement mainly contains some ingredients that help dogs with joint pain. Such as glucosamine, chondroitin, astaxanthin etc.


It is a major and most common ingredient of any joint supplement. This is the compound that creates cartilage. Cartilage is the main reason for joint pain. Joint pain occurs when cartilage can’t produce enough fluid for reducing the friction between the bones. This happens when the cartilage is reduced.

Body of the dog naturally produces glucosamine. Sometimes, the body of the dog might not create enough glucosamine for the body. Then cartilage will not be produced at the same speed. So glucosamine from joint supplements helps to fill the shortage.  Thus it will offer that extra amount of glucosamine for the dog’s joint. It will make sure that enough fluid is being produced to offer proper glide between the bones.  It also prevents inflammation in the joint.

Another useful fact glucosamine is that they are pretty affordable and available. You can give your dog glucosamine without doctor’s permission. They are harmless and good for dogs to maintain a robust bone joint.


This is a compound which plays a crucial part in assuring the longevity and sustainability of cartilage. They also assist in the process of forming cartilage. It increases the strength of the joint so that it can absorb stress. They also help to maintain a good flow of fluid in the joint. For some reason, if the cartilage deteriorates, it heals the cartilage. Daily consumption of Chondroitin will make the joint strong and robust. They keep cartilage safe from other chemical compounds of body, which might harm it. Another remarkable aspect of chondroitin is that it increments the shock absorption ability of the joint. So it will benefit your dog if it is a working dog.

Crominex 3+

Crominex 3+ helps to decrease inflammation in the joint. It protects the bone in the joint from eroding quickly. Many joint problems happen because of the lack of calcium. Crominex 3+ reduce the loss of calcium in bones. According to a study done by Dr Sunni Raju it has been found that Crominex 3+ is extremely effective in reducing joint pain. It is a good remedy for pain in the joint. It contains fulvic acid and other antioxidants which prevent inflammation.



Astaxanthin is quite useful for pain releasing. For extreme pain in the joint, it is very effective. It decreases inflammation, which is the main reason for pain. It acts as a firewall in your joint. Like a firewall, it prevents the harmful element from coming near the joint. They are a quick pain reliever, and they have very few side effect.

Joint pain is a nasty thing for your dog. It is not only painful for him, but also it makes his daily life extremely difficult. So if your dog faces joint problem, without delay take him to a vet. Apply the joint supplement recommended by the vet. Lack of early treatment of joint might leads to long-lasting joint pain. Possibly joint supplement might present you a solution to your dog’s misery.


Does your pup limp?


I found the above article from a free lance blogger named Chris Holzhauer.   This article definitely hit home with me.    Many of you who follow this site know that Bella is my Mobility Service Dog.  Recently she has developed an intermittent limp while we are out and about.  An immediate trip to out Veterinarian showed the beginnings of arthritis in her front tight knee joint.    I was surprised since she has been on Glucosamine Chondroitin since I adopted her at age 6 months.  Now she is 8 years old and we had to look further for assistance to relieve the discomfort.   She started Bella on homeopathic medications but they did not resolve the issue.  I purchased a stronger Joint Supplement approved by out Vet and started her on it. She seemed better but still not perfect.    Bella was also started on Previcox which is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug.   She takes 1/2 of a 227 mg tablet twice a week.    She now has no symptoms.  As the author of the above article states joint pain can be either secondary to an injury or chronic due to arthritic condition.   Unfortunately Bella has been my Service Dog for six and a half years.   That is a whole lot of wear and tear on her joints.   My goal now is to make sure that Bella remains pain free and comfortable while working.  I have shortened the time that we are out  so she can rest in between outings.    I thought she would be protected by the supplements that I gave her from the day I brought her home.   But I was wrong.

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