Cute Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog!

So you’ve gotten the easier types of training out of the way. Your fur baby is a master at sitting, staying, and shaking paws. You and your pup are on the same page, but now you want to impress your family and friends with some more advanced tricks. So where do you start?

Regardless of what type of dog you have, all canines benefit significantly from mental exercise. Not only does it work out our pup’s brains, but it also helps build the bond we have with them.

Jasmine is a super talented pup that can do a lot of tricks! You may watch a lot of these and think, “My dog could never do that!” Although dogs aren’t born with the natural desire to push a shopping cart or fetch drinks from the fridge, they do have the desire to please their humans, and they love the praise and reward that goes along with it.

Here are some training tips for a few of them to get you started!




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