Guide for Finding Dog Measurements for All Your Dog Supplies


When it comes to finding the perfect fit for dog apparel and gear, it is important to have accurate dog measurements.

If you have ever wondered how to measure a dog for a harness or how to measure a dog for a crate, it does not have to be a complicated math equation. Using a simple fabric ruler or a string and a regular ruler, you can make sure you get the right dog measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your pup.

Below is a guide for you to reference so that next time you go to get your furry friend a new dog collardog harnessdog crate or even a fancy new dog coat, you can find the best size for them.


Have you ever gone to order something for your dog that needs you to take measurements of your pup to ensure that it will fit,   It is difficult to figure out what measurements you need and how to get an accurate measurement.   Coming across this poster has been a wonderful help when this needs to occur.   You can print this and keep it with your dog’s papers so it is handy when you need it.

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