Help Welcome Kaylee’s Fur Babies & Our Grandfurbabies!

****Kaylee is our grandaughter*****

Let’s meet Bruno,  kaylee’s first love!


What a thick coat!

I need to rest!!

My mommy loves me!











Bruno is a 6 year old fur baby.   He is a fluffy tubby cat who loves to cuddle with her mommy (kaylee).  Bruno is a “scaredy-cat” who runs and hides every time someone comes into the house.   He loves to play with the laser toys and his catnip toys.   Bruno was a rescue from a “No Kill Shelter” better known as the SPCA  in Easton, Pennsylvania,   Bruno was one of the only fur babies that was at another location, but when they saw him, it was love at first site.   He is an inside kitty who loves to sleep with Kaylee.   Until another adoption brought a second fur baby into the family, Bruno was the center of attention – the baby of the family.    While Bruno loves to cuddle with family members,  the latest addition to the family has no desire to cuddle with him.   He needs more time to get used to the changes and familiar having another fur baby in the home. .


Now to Kaylee’s Newest Fur Baby Jade, who has completely stolen our hearts!

Mom Thank you for rescuing me!



I love my little girl!



Little Jade is a 4 1/2 month old pit bull mix  adopted from a shelter in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.   She arrived at  Pets Plus Natural from a shelter in Tennessee.  .   They noticed that she was very loving and playful the first time they met her,    Unfortunately she was attacked in a kill shelter  by another dog.    The results of that fight left Jade with a scar on her left hind leg where no fur will grow.  But it gives her character!    She loves sleeping and cuddling with her new family.   She is very playful and likes to run and play on the grass after she does “her business” outside.  She is a very energetic little pup.    Jade loves all of her toys and makes sure she plays with each of them.   Jade doesn’t like car – rides very much but she is getting better in the car.   When Jade is outside she loves to lay down on her belly,  stretch out her front paws and pull herself forward by digging into the ground with her nails.  It is quite a comical sight.

Jade is still working on her housebreaking status but is doing very well.  She has been able to sleep in bed with Kaylee all night.   When sleeping with Kaylee she stays right up against her body nuzzling her neck in kaylee’s shoulder and licking Kaylee’s face.  She scoots under the blankets, cuddles up, and goes to sleep for the night.   Our new granduppy is loving and adorable.     We love you Jade.!


And of Course our Lovinmypup family would  not be complete without my inspiration for this web site, my Mobility Service Dog, Bella!


Someone scratch my belly please

I love my job!

Bella was 5 months old when she joined our family.    Our red Doberman had just passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  The loss of our fur baby was too much to bear.    Searching the internet we came across “Blue” in California.   We picked her up at Newark International a week later and brought her home.   An angel in heaven brought us together.  Bella was everything I personally needed to train for service and she bonded quickly to the home.   She has the perfect qualities to train as a service animal:  personality,   loyalty. intelligence. size, strength, and social characteristics.   She and I went to Service Dog training for about a year and a half.    She is now 7 years old and has been a certified Mobility Service Dog for 5 1/2 years.  She gave us the idea for     And here we are today!    Thank you all for supporting this site!

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