A Schipperke is a small Belgian breed of dog that originated in the early 16th century. There has been a long informal debate over whether this type of dog is a spitz or miniature sheepdog.

(I never heard of this breed.  In case our followers did not know either – I looked up the breed!)









Beautiful Angel Bella



Bella with Mom, Alicia


sleeping and cuddling

Bella was 15 years old when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 14th 2017.   Bella actually adopted her Pet Mommy when she first laid eyes on Alicia  at the adoption program “Pet In Need”.    Of course the instant love was mutual as Alicia  met this 5 month old pup for the first time.    When Bella was younger, she was described as “a spitfire” by her pet mommy.   Se was always running and playing.   She loved her squeaky toys and would play with them any chance she would get.    Resting quietly was just not on her agenda!

Bella was also her mommy’s little watchdog.   She used to follow her pet mom all over the house.   Laughingly, Alicia describes her as her “little black shadow”!   When she was young and teething, we would freeze a bagel for her to chew on.   It definitely worked to dull the pain, but it also created a 15 year tradition.   Up to her last day, Bella’s breakfast every morning  was a 1/4 of a frozen bagel.    Bella would wait by the refrigerator  each morning, waiting patiently, until she got her bagel!  

Bella was usually “aloof” with other dogs and people she did not know,  but that was part of her charm!   Once she got to know you – you were in! and her love and loyalty was unending.  She also loved “popcorn” and was thrilled when she caught the kernels in her mouth when her mom threw them at her”.    Unfortunately in 2016 Bella’s squeaky toys were put away.   Bella’s age caught up with her and she became deaf and blind and coul no longer play with them.

Although Gregg came into Bella’s life later on, she totally adopted him too – and she quickly was able to wrap him around her little paw!   What a love bug!!!   Bella”s Mom, Alicia,  describes her as her “ever faithful companion and her little captain, always at Mommy’s side”.    Alicia completes Bella’s final biography with the following wish;  ” I hope that she is running free over the Rainbow Bridge.  I hope she will be waiting for me”  .














COMMENTS FROM LOVINMYPUP..COM: sends you (Alicia and Gregg) our sincere condolences on your loss.   It  sounds like  Bella was an amazing soulmate for you both and will always be in your hearts.    Alicia,  the information that you gave me to write this memorial actually brought me to tears!   Your love for her jumped out from your every word.    That is why I used his logo for Lovinmypup instead of the normal one.   I wanted you to meet my 5 year old service dog, my Bella,  who is my soulmate and will be my forever companion.   














  1. Cheryl Almer-Oblick

    Bella was a sweetheart any time I saw her. May she be over the rainbow bridge with my Mr. Papi who crossed over 2 months before her. May they be waiting to greet us when it’s our turn.

    1. (Post author)

      Bella and send you our sincere condolences for your losses. They are together playing in a wonderful playground watching over you until you join them!
      Bless you all!

    2. Alicia Martin

      Thanks, Cheryl! I’m sorry for your loss, to! <3

  2. Alicia

    I cannot thank you enough for your loving tribute to My Bella. You really have captured and illustrated who she was! My tears were flowing, but that’s a good thing… part of the healing process. Your Bella is absolutely adorable ❤️💕😍

    1. (Post author)

      Using your words and descriptions, I was able to join hearts with your Bella. It was truly a beautiful thing to hear the love that you had for each other. IWe hope that you and Gregg support each other through this difficult time. In this age of significant episodes of animal abuse and neglect, it was such a beautiful love that your family shared with Bella. Bless you all. RIP Bella. Play away!!!!!

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