MEET “MAX” !   He is Marla’s “little lover boy”!    Max is a Havanese who will be 3 years old on May 12, 2017.    Marla  adopted Max when he was  6 weeks old.      His pet mom says he is the sweetest dog in the world.   However,  Max seems to have a medical issue that so far, has been undiagnosed.   At approximately a year and a half years old,  Max began to have periodic episodes of strange but identical behaviors.     These episodes started occurring every three or four days.  Marla describes Max as becoming very fearful of everything, including going out for walks, or going outside for potty breaks.   He also stops eating during these periods.    

When behaving Normally, Max is always by Marla’s side  as a very loving companion for her.   But when he has these “episodes” he will cling to Marla’s husband.  He begins crying and continues to cry even after  her husband picks him up and holds him.      He totally ignores Marla while he is in these episodes- like he doesn’t know her.   The episodes last anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours.    When the crying stops, Max will start to walk in circles for two – four hours,   During the entire episode Max will shake his head, rubs his ears,  and has glassy eyes.    Suddenly the episode will end and Max returns to his normal lovable behaviors.     Max lives in a complex with a lot of other dogs and normally reacts to their barking by barking back.   When he is in this state there is no reaction to what goes on around him.   They have tried to isolate Max, as well as exercising him to try to control these episodes.

Max has been to three different Veterinarians and a Veterinary Neurologist.  He has been treated for an ear infection which made him worse,  antibiotics, steroids, motion sickness, sedatives, and Prozac.   Nothing worked.

Marla asked me to include Max’s episodes in this feature in case any of our followers might have input into a plan of action to help Max.       The next steps recommended by the specialists would be to put Max under anesthesia and thoroughly examine his ears for abnormalities.  The second recommendation was to have an MRI completed.    The third recommendation was to have Max evaluated by a Pet Behaviorist – all of which are extremely expensive.      If anyone of our readers could offer any suggestions please offer them in the comments section of this article.     We hope that featuring this sweet pup and his episodic behavior will bring about some concrete advice as to what this family can do to help their beloved puppy.   Be well Max.





This feature was difficult to write objectively.  We love our furry babies and have a difficult time keeping my objectivity.  We see a family who loves their pup and is trying to find answers that will help them and their pup be a “normal” family without destroying them financially.   Gathering the information for this feature from Marla broke our  hearts.   She poured out all of her frustration to us and the only way we can help is to post her information and hope that someone out there can help this beautiful loving family and their furry baby.  We have also offered to do some research on neurological problems in dogs.   As a retired Registered Nurse, these episodes could be a form of seizure disorder  (focal motor) in a human but I have no expertise in this area with dogs. So we will post any articles that we find might help educate in this area.

Those of you who follow my features know that  always ends  these features with advertisement of the links on this web page.   That  will not be the case on this one.    Our hearts are heavy with the frustration that is heard from these pet parents,  and the love that this family has for this pup.   We sincerely hope there is help out there for this situation. 

In the past we have posted an article which lists several agencies that will assist in Veterinary bills.   Search for the article entitled,  “Keeping Your Pet When Money Is Tight –  Where to Find Help”.   At the end of the article there is a list of organizations that could assist the pet parents in getting services for their pets.     And remember to share your love with your pet (s) each and every day!