Sushi is a stunning black cat – with the obvious devilish nature of a special black cat,   Sushi’s pet mommy, Sandra, relates a very interesting story of how the little black feline came into her life.   Sandra says that several moths ago this kitten and three others were abandoned at the end of her street in a cemetery.  

Sushi was curious and came up to Sandra who had a small bowl with milk for the kittens.   After drinking some milk,  the little fur ball took off!    Three weeks later , the little fur ball returned.    This time she drank some milk and ate a little piece of meat!    After eating she ran off again.  Two weeks later she came back again very late at night.  When Sandra got up the next day,  the fur ball was still there!   Sandra had never owned a cat and was unsure as to what she needed to do.   She started calling rescue groups in order  to find placement for her little friend!   She received the same information from all of the groups.  It would take up to 45 days to pick her up.  So Sandra decided to bring the kitten into her family and named her Sushi!!!!  Over the next few months Sushi has become a valued partner  in projects that Sandra makes for her business.    This 10 month old kitten has tuned out to be quite a little model, as you can see in these pictures.   Sandra owns the Facebook Business called   “PEAS AND CARROTS ANTIQUES” .    Sandra uses baskets and flowers to turn plain antique pieces into beautiful centerpieces.

Sushi is a fan of these projects!   Because Sushi also loves baskets and flowers  AND loves to model around them whenever she gets the chance.  Sushi loves to help but (according to Sandra) she tolerates Sandra!   Sandra says ” I know now what people mean when they say cats have staff and dogs have owners.”  Sushi also loves to catch “outside treasures ”  and drop them at Sandra’s feet.  ewwwee!    

Sandy states that “gotta say, I am a cat fan now,  Thanks to Sushi! ”     This little Siamese kitten has definitely won this business owners love and heart!   Way to go Sushi!!!!





What a truly heart warming story!    This little homeless kitten touched Sandra”s heart in a very special way!  She is not only a friend, but she also gained a business partner!  How cool is this story!

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