Meet Willow a six month old ShiChi who was a rescued pup.    We all know that rescues make awesome dogs!     PetMom Mia, calls Willow her “little Chili Pepper”.   Her mom states that she has the cutest personality.   Willow loves to entertain everyone who will watch her adorable antics.   She loves to rip up paper and tease her sister Mia by making her puppy sister chase her to get her toys.  It can get quite comical to watch.! 


Meet Mia!  Mia is a one yr old Pug, who was given to her pet mom (Mia) by her mother.  Mia (the pug)  found her soulmate when Mia (the pet mom) brought Willow home from the rescue.  They absolutely love each other to death, says Pet Mom.  They play for hours on end throughout the day.   At the end of all dsy plying they finish the day eating their bones!    Mia is a spunky little Pug.  She loves to bark at the television.   But she doesn’t like Zombies.  Mia’s mom stated,   I could barely finish watching the show “The Walking Dead” because she barked and growled so much.  Obviously she doesn’t care for Zombies!  




It certainly sounds like Mia and Willow keep the house full of comedy and energy.   These pups are lucky.   They have each other to keep each one company.    We welcome Willow and Mia to out family!

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