How To Comfort A Dying Dog

Although it is a natural part of life, it is never easy saying goodbye to your beloved canine companion. During this stage of life, you will want to make your dog as comfortable as possible to make the transition easier for your dog and bring you peace of mind as well

1. Stay Patient With Your Dog

Older dogs commonly begin experiencing joint and muscle problems, and they can become frustrated with their discomfort and impairments.

If your dog is grumpy or irritable during the end stages of life, simply do your best to be patient and provide the other comforts you can at home.


2. Provide A Quiet Environment

Chaos around the home will only stress both you and your dog as you’re trying to spend the final hours of your dog’s life together meaningfully and with compassion. Give your dog a quiet environment away from noisy children or other animals in the house.

Soft, unobtrusive music can also be calming, or you may also use a nature soundtrack with birdsong and the sounds of running water.

3. Speak In Comforting Tones

Reassure your dog that he’s not alone and speak in soft comforting tones. Tell him “good boy” and the other phrases you normally use for positive reinforcement to let him know it’s okay. Give him plenty of light pets as well.

If you want to make sure you’re there for the final moments, then you may choose to sleep next to his bed in a sleeping bag for the final nights.

4. Put Down Comfortable Bedding

If your dog has a favorite dog bed, put it down for him. Otherwise you can put down some other blankets to help him lay down comfortably. Your dog may also have difficulty regulating his body temperature at the end, so keep some blankets handy to put over him in the event that he shows signs of being cold.

Elderly dogs are also prone to pressure sores, so put down extra cushioning for an older dog. On a practical note, he may also have problems with incontinence at the end. Choose a spot you can easily clean and bedding you can wash later. If your dog does have any accidents, then clean them up patiently without scolding him. He can’t help it.

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So you know your dog is terminal.   These are great suggestions to help make your fur baby’s last days comfortable.  Using these suggestions will ensure your pet’s last days re comfortable.

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