I Hate Removing Ticks From My Pets!


How do you feel about removing embedded ticks from your pets?

I even hate the thought of looking at ticks,  let alone touching them – especially when they are engorged!   I am always afraid of squeezing the contaminated blood back into my pet, thus exposing them to many of the dreaded tick borne diseases.   So of course there isn’t a season that has gone by that I have not been faced with this dreaded task.  I really thought that I was home free when I heard a knock on my door.     It was my neighbor who had her Golden Retriever by her side.   As soon as she opened her mouth a chill went through my spine.    Duke had an engorged tick in the back of his ear.   She wanted me to help her because she too was deathly afraid of ticks.    Being a retired Nurse, I couldn’t say “no” to someone in need .  so they came inside.

While I was trying to decide how I was going to remove this swollen ugly beast –  I suddenly remembered something.    Several months ago. I did a search on seasonal pet products,  and  I found a product called the TickSee Tick Removal kit.      I thought it looked cool.  Reminded me of the little suture removal kits I used as a nurse.  So I bought one and stuck it in Bella’s medicine cabinet.    So I went upstairs and brought it down.

I was amazed at what it contained.  There was a hands free LED light that fits right on your finger to brighten the area for better sight.   Now that the area is bright and my  hands were  free, I picked up the  aluminum device that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick in one piece. Even the tick’s head was still attached.     I was amazed how easily the entire tick was removed and there was no contaminated blood back into the attachment site on Duke’s neck.    AND THE BEST PART WAS THAT I NEVER HAD TO TOUCH OR SQUEEZE THE UGLY TICK DURING THE REMOVAL PROCESS.   The kit can easily be attached to car keys, wallet and /or pocket.   It even has alcohol swabs to clean the open area when the tick is removed.  This is one of the best seasonal pet products that I have found in a long time!      Just click on the link,  this will bring you to  the Amazon Link and enter TickSee TicK Removal Kit in the Amazon search box to order this item.   This is an awesome product.   Get one NOW!

TickSee Tick Removal Kit (Click for Larger Image)

TickSee Tick Removal Kit (Click for Larger Image)TickSee Tick Removal Kit (Click for Larger Image)

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