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Lovinmypup.com is thrilled to welcome Embark to our family of affiliate on line stores.  We strive to get interesting and wide range companies that provide products that are hard to find in brick and mortar stores.

Have you ever wondered what different genetic traits  are part of your dog.  Maybe you adopted your fur baby from a shelter and all you know is your best friend’s obvious personality and behavior.  In addition  to your curiosity about what breeds make up your pup.  OR would you like to find out if your dog has a healthy future?

With 20X more genetic information than any other test available. Embark offers the most accurate and comprehensive results  Embark tests for over 200 breeds (including wolf, coyote,, and village dog ancestry)   and 160 genetic health conditions. letting you know if your dog is  predisposed to a health risk so you and your vet can provide the best care possible.  This  company has a testing platform built and run by the world’s top dog geneticists, who pride themselves on offering comprehensive results and contributing to research for the betterment of dogs and humans in the future.  Embark provides a detailed vet report for pet parents to send to their vet to review.

This all-in-one genetic test also offers predicted adult weight, trait tests, and a family tree that goes back 3 generations.        We think that this is an awesome product and we will be testing Bella in the near future.  Please come back and look for the results of Bella’s DNA test.

The link to Embark is the 7th banner link on the right side of the site.   (banner-links on a cell phone is after the last article posted.).  Please make sure you place any orders by clicking on the banner in this site.   Using the banner – link will give Lovinmypup.com  credit for the sale.  Thank you for following this site!



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Harley DNA RESULT   

50.0% Staffordshire Terrier

23.7% Golden Retriever

14.5% Australian Cattle Dog
11.8% Great Pyrenees

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