Let’s Welcome SANTINO To Lovinmypup Family!







Santino is a King Charles Cavilier, 1 1/2 year old,  gorgeous pup.  Jillian is his Mom who adopted Santino about a month ago from a family that could no longer keep him.   His original name was Kal, but Jillian’s family renamed their new little pup Santino after the character from THE GODFATHER.   He accepted his new name easily and responds quickly to his new name.  Jillian describes her fur baby as the most lovable personality that her family has ever seen in a pup.  He adores being around people and gets along very well with other dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

Santino will greet her when she comes home from work with plenty of kisses and hugs.   He loves to hug!   His favorite past time is playing with a family member Specifically he totally enjoys “fetch”.    He also enjoys their long walks in the morning and again in the evening.   

One of his  “quirks” is the reorganization of Jillian’s shoes!   How unique is that?   If he is left alone in the house it is guaranteed that Jillian will find that her shes will be taken out of her closet and scattered on her bed – and on his bed!    It is fascinating to note that while the shoes are scattered throughout the beds, none of them are chewed.   He is very careful not to destroy any of Jillian’s shoes.   When Santino is not relocating Jillian’s shoes, he loves to play with her toys!  Jillian knows that the best place to get all kinds of active dog toys  by click on the banner to go to on line pet store called Active Dog Toys where she will find the  banner link to  a wide variety of all types of active dog toys.    

Once adopted into her family, Santino quickly attached to Jillian.   It only took a couple of weeks for the strong bond to form.   If Jillian leaves Santino’s  line of vision, he will cry until she comes back .   Jillian notes that it is difficult for her to leave for work, however,  Santino is adjusting to the schedule and is getting better when she leaves in the morning.

Santino also loves his treats,  which includes peanut butter bones and biscuits….   He also loves to chew on ice cubes!    When anyone goes to the ice dispenser in the kitchen,   his ears perk up.    As soon as he hears the ice machine starting, he runs to the refrigerator and patiently waits for his share!

Even though he has a nice bed and crate, he chooses to sleep with his Mom  . And in the morning , Santino will not let his Mom out of the bed until he gets his share o cuddles and kisses to start his day.   What a loving pup!

Well,  this is Santino’s story.  And what a beautiful story it is.   He is a beautiful pup, inside and out!    It is my pleasure to welcome this loving and special pup to Lovinmypup.com!


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