Letters to Emma / Bella’s letter to Emma











VIDEO: Girl fighting brain tumor asks for letters from dogs around the world        This is Emma Mertens, a 7 year old from Wisconsin, who is terminally ill with an inoperable brain tumor.  She has appeared on several television shows and has one request:  she wants comfort in the form of mail from dogs.  You can help Emma live every day to the fullest  by sending wishes from your precious fur baby to her.  Also pictured are the 50,000 communications she has already received  from all over the world.    You can include pictures and videos.                                Please put a smile on Emma’s face from your pup!

                                         HER CONTACT INFORMATION IS AS FOLLOWS:

                            emmalovesdogs7@gmail.com   and/or   #LettersToEmma




My Name is Bella.    I was the dog behind the web site Lovinmypup.com.    I am a certified service dog for mobility.    My mommy sent you some pics of me.   I am very social and love Togo shopping, to restaurants, and even the movies,.   (My mommy took me to the movies with her grand daughter to see  “A DOGS LIFE”. An animated dog movie). Now my mommy is a little scatter brained and didn’t think about taking  a dog to a movie with dogs barking on the screen.    She panicked but I looked cool.   I slept through the entire movie. Haha.

Since I am a Doberman people are always commenting that it is unusual to see MY breed as a service dog.    I like being an unusual service dog.  And I love it when people remember my name.The people know me by name (not my mommy’s name –  we hear “Bella” from all over the places we go regularly !.

I rule my mommy’s house.  I am very intelligent and aced my service dog training quickly.     The canine trainers called me a “non reactive dog”.     When I am working I ignore all other pets and animals.   But when I am home I AM FREE TO BE MYSELF.    A crazy crazy dog.

Check out Lovinmypup.com  for more of my experiences on line.    You can contact me at mloverso@Lovinmypup.com. through my mommy.     My mommy will tell everyone about a funny story involving  me.   So goodbye for now.  Very nice meeting you and I hope you will feel better soon










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