Managing the Flatulent Dog

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I was attending a family party one Sunday afternoon, when I suddenly smelled a less than awesome smell coming from behind me.   My cousin was standing in back of me with her Golden Retriever and the look on her face told me where the smell had originated.    She was obviously embarrassed and started apologizing .  I was laughing so hard – only because I have been in the same position so many times throughout my canine parent life .    Interestingly enough this hasn’t been a major problem until I brought Bella into my life   She is always with me when we are out and when she was young and in Service Dog Training she could clear a room.   She inhales her food within seconds causing additional air to be swallowed during meals.    The trainer suggested I start Bella on a probiotic and purchase a special bowl that slows down her food consumption.     I did this and she is much better, but dogs will be dogs and there is still an occasional incident.  I have learned to accept when this happens and see the humor in the faces of the people around me,  i am sure that they think it was me !.  oh well !  So be it!

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