My Service Dog Bella


Four years ago I fell in love with a German Blue Doberman puppy on the internet. She came from California by jet into Newark Airport. When I picked her up at the airport I found a huge crate and inside was this adorable little girl. At the time I was using a cane or a walker to get around due to severe arthritis in my joints. I discovered that she had the perfect disposition for a mobility service dog to help me get around. I named her Bella Luce Blue (beautiful light in Italian). Her first trainer told me that she was a non-reactive dog, meaning she is not phased by other dogs barking or critters running in front of her. She is now 4 yrs old and my constant sidekick. I still have problems with stairs and curbs so she has been trained to go up first, then sit, and i use her weight to pull myself up. She loves to shop! and other customers love her! When i stop to look at something she sits leaning up against my left side to keep me supported and upright. If its too long, she will actually lay down and wait. She is quite a character. She is big enough to support me (70 lbs) but small enough for me to handle. She definitely was a gift from heaven! More about Bella’s and my excursions to come!

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