Well, we are on our way to South Carolina. I was concerned about Bella being in the car for so long, but she was amazing! She slept most of the time we were driving. When she woke up she just looked around for awhile and then went back to sleep. One question solved. She is fine on long trips. Second question is still unanswered. It is now 8:00 pm and she has not done her “business” since we left at 10 this morning. When we go out, she lays on the grass.! ( LOL, I hope she goes eventually). I-95 was a nightmare from just before Baltimore to Virginia. It was being in a parking lot! Then the downpours started and the “nutty” drivers came along. Bella is now asleep again. Watch her wake me up at 2 AM to go out. Ah, that’s ok, because I love her!


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