Bella just hanging out!

Bella just hanging out!

Here we are back at home again. Living out of suitcases gets to old very quickly. Bringing my Service Dog, Bella, was reminiscent of the days of travelling with my first child as a baby. Whew, that was not easy! Well, since this was the first time we were taking Bella on vacation, I researched the “experts” (many of the articles posted on this web site) in order to plan for the time away and to anticipate what may be ahead. One thing that I learned early on is that the early preparation is absolutely necessary. However, no matter how hard you plan for all issues, unforeseen circumstances could happen. Your planning and preparation for the unexpected will definitely help you through.

We traveled to South Carolina in August, so I was prepared for heat and humidity. The products that I used worked great!



Those products are as follows:

Epi-Pet Sun Protective Spray to prevent sunburn  but I could only use it on her back

Doggy sunwipes   to use instead of the spray close to her head

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax. to protect her paw pads from burning on hot surfaces.

My Dog Nose It!  a natural safe and water resistant protector for the nose and ears

Cooling Mat.  for lounging at the pool   (LOL)

First Aid Kit for Pets  in case of emergency


I would strongly recommend any of these products during the summer heat and humidity- especially since we were in the middle of a East Coast massive heat wave.

In addition to the above specialty products I took the regular items suggested, like ID tags, holistic medications, travel bowls, doggy clean up bags, her blankets from the bed and the sofa, a couple of her toys, and cooler full of water and her food.    Since she is used to the car and sleeps pretty much the whole time we are driving,  I put the cooler in front of her and the water bowl on top of that.

Before we left I took her to her vet for an exam.  She was up to date on vaccines, wears a flea/tick collar, and is on a Heartworm prevention program,  I was also thrilled to learn that the diet prescribed by her vet 6 months ago (if you are following this site,  I commented on it when we started the diet)  has worked phenomenally.  She has lost the 15 pounds that she needed to lose and was declared perfectly healthy!

I contacted all the motels and the resort to inform them that we needed to be on a bottom floor,  that i was bringing a service dog, and gave them her wellness certificate and her service dog ID.  And we were on our way.   Since Bella is my service dog,  I assumed that as long a I was with her she would be content.  We stopped frequently at rest stops to exercise and relax.   When we got to the first motel,  I went into the room first,  put my scent round the room,. Placed her blankets on the floor, and turned on the TV to make her feel at home.  Then we brought her into the room.  She was fine.   We left early the next morning.for Myrtle Beach.

We finally had to take her to a vet and the diagnosis was stress related colitis.  Apparently Bella was severely stressed out because she was not returning to her home.  The vet gave her medications and something for anxiety.   Bella is just 5 yrs old and has been with me since she was 5 months old,  As well as I thought knew her I was so wrong., Luckily I bought clean up supplies with me, so we were able to handle the problem. Interestingly enough, she was fine at the resort villa, and our relative’s home. But when we stopped halfway home, she seemed down when we were in the motel.

So now we learned that she needs a mild anti-anxiety med when staying in small rooms. I guess you could say that she is a little claustrophobic! But so am I – so we are a team.




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