Proper Care (of cats)



Cats are amazing creatures. Ask anyone lucky enough to have ever loved one — cats can range from mysterious and aloof to loving, and just plain entertaining to say the least

And of course we want to make our cats feel as loved and protected as we possibly can.

Here are some great ways to show your beloved friend just how much they mean to you.

Feeding & Watering Your Cat

Making sure your cat is healthy is not too difficult a task, just as long as you feed her properly and make sure she has access to plenty of fresh water.

Purchasing high-quality food for your cat is recommended. A trip to the vet can also help you discover what is the best diet for your cat. There are different life stages for your cat. Her diet should always be balanced for the stages she will go through.

Keeping a bowl of fresh water available for your cat at all times is a very important thing to keep in mind. There are many varieties of bowls to choose from. Anywhere from a basic non-tip bowl to a water fountain style waterer. And they all fit into any budget. Wash and refill your cat’s water bowls daily.

Feeders are no different. You can purchase any kind of feeding bowl from a portion control feeder to an automatic feeder, which are all great for when you must take small trips away from your beloved friend. Again, all feeder bowls are within every budget range.

Playtime & Exercising Your Cat

Just as important as food & water is for your cat, exercise is also very important.

Playtime plays a huge part in keeping your cat fit. One of the great things about having a cat are the many ways to play with and exercise your cat, all the while forming a great bond with your friend.

Try a couple of these ideas:

  • Bouncing a laser off of the walls/furniture
  • Purchasing a cat wheel/treadmill
  • Get your cat a cat-tree
  • Always keep plenty of toys around
  • Catnip

Keep in mind that you should try to spend 10-20 minute increments throughout each day engaging your cat in some form of activity and play. Younger cats of course will be more willing to initiate play, as the older settled cats will play when it best suits them. But all in all, engage with your cat and play with her daily to ensure she gets much needed exercise.

Day-to-day Requirements

Although it may not seem like it at times, your cat does need you.

All cats need a litter box. The best kind of litter to purchase should be unscented kitty litter. Cats have very keen smell sense. Anything that is too perfumed will be off-putting to your cat.

Also, cats are very clean creatures. She will not use a litter box that is smelly or messy. Solid wastes should always be scooped out at least once a day. Clumping litter can eliminate the need for you to dump out the litter to fully wash the cat box out weekly.

Cats love to scratch. You can get your cat a sturdy scratch post. It should be about three high. It should not wobble. The best surfaces for scratching range from burlap to tree bark. Scratching pads will suffice also.

Cats also need the following items for comfortable day to day living:

  • Cat bed
  • Comb & Brush
  • Flea collar
  • Treats

Now you are on your way to caring properly for your cat. And showing your cat you care.



If you’re thinking about getting a cat this is a great article on general information about the feline fur babies.  Hoe this article helps you make a decision.

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