Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Owning A Cat Guest Post

            BY ANTHONY DUGGIN     

Health Benefits Of Cat Ownership



Welcome To Kitty Insight

I am Anthony. I have been a cat guardian for over ten years. As a kid i wasn’t allow to keep pets. I came from a big family and the cost was a concern for my parents.

Once i moved out of home and got settled in my own life one of the first things i did was adopt a cat called cleo.

Cleo is a female moggy. She was an unrequired kitten. Her owner bred cats with a distinctive look for TV. A moggy like cleo didn’t make the grade so had to go.

I immediately fell in love with Cleo. She had some siamese ancestry so had slender limbs a pointed face and very pointed ears. Her look reminded me of egyptian cat statues and cat representation in egyptian art. The only female egyptian name that came to mind was cleopatra and so she was named cleo.

The problem with being a first time owner is that on a practical level you know nothing – when to feed, how much to feed, should they be outdoors, what is normal behaviour, are they ill or just acting naturally?

A whole new world is opened to you….

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I love the format of this information,   Anthony Duggan does a great job in summarizing the benefits of feline ownership.    Ii THANK HIM FOR DOING A GUEST POST ON THIS SITE.  i KNOW THIS INFORMATION IS IMPORTANT TO ALL THE CAT PARENTS  WHO FOLLOW THIS SITE.

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