These 27 Photos Of Dogs Getting Pounced On By Cats Prove Kitties Have Issues

The Place For Pet People | Cuteness          By Amanda Rock

1. The ol’ pounce ’em and smooch ’em!

2. Very ambitious 10/10.

3. A young, brave pouncer

4. Wait for it….

5. Dogs are so dumb they don’t even know it when they’re getting super pounced.

6. “Boo!”

“I is scary black cat!”

7. “I am a cat and I got your tongue!”

8. It’s almost like the dog is used to getting super pounced. Hmmm.

9. You gotta warm up those arms if you’re gonna do a super pounce.

10. Interesting technique, cat.

11. “Welcome home!”

12. “That was a nice super pounce, kitty.”

13. Sneak boop.


15. Excellent paw work.

16. Some cats are too lazy for a super pounce.

17. Sometimes, super pounces go terribly wrong.

18. Here we have an over-corrected super pounce. Try again cat.

19. This is like a psychological super pounce.

20. And here’s an intellectual super pounce.

21. Damn.

22. You need a lot of courage for a super pounce.

23. “Have a box of whoop ass!”

24. “Consider yourself pounced!”

“Super pounced.”

25. Excellent form.

26. This is just flirting.

27. Sometimes, just sometimes, dogs super pounce right back …

Once in a wile you come across something that is just plain hysterical.  Dogs and cats together can be extremely funny in their interaction.  I loved these pictures and hope you get as much fun out of the interaction pictured as I did.
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