Top Dog Breeds For The Busy Family

Adding a dog to your family can bring unity to a bustling, busy household, but you’ll want to make sure to pick the right breed. An adaptable, laid back pup that’s willing to learn from each family member can ensure your dog gets the proper care it needs while giving kids a wonderful chance to learn some responsibility. Here are some of the top dog breeds for the busy family

1. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Bred as an all-purpose farm dog, responsible for herding sheep, hunting and patrolling the borders of small farms, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are self-confident, alert and happy dogs.

While they tend to be less scrappy than other terriers, they’re true terriers and are more active than many other breeds, enjoying plenty of exercise every day. Wheatens respond well to children and can adapt to living in the city, country or suburban areas provided they get enough time to play and run.


2. Greyhound

Despite their reputations as racing dogs, Greyhounds are often quiet and relaxed at home. Loving companions that enjoy the company of their families as well as other dogs, Greyhounds are gentle with children and affectionate, if a bit shy, towards visitors.

Though the Greyhound has an independent temperament, it is always eager to please. Referred to as “the world’s fastest couch potato,” this breed is very sensitive, timid and can be reserved around strangers. Indoors, the dog is very placid, quiet, and well-mannered, but while outdoors, it will chase anything small that moves. The Greyhound will also generally behave well with other pets and dogs it has grown up with.

3. Clumber Spaniel

One of the original nine breeds registered by the AKC, the Clumber Spaniel fits in well with families and other animals.

A playful, affectionate breed, the Clumber Spaniel enjoys daily walks but doesn’t require an excessive amount of exercise. Recognized by their white coat with lemon or orange-colored markings, Clumbers shed year-round and have a tendency to slobber and drool more than other breeds, according to the AKC

4. Boston Terrier

One of the first breeds established in the United States, Boston Terriers are lively, intelligent breeds with excellent dispositions.

Adaptable and easy to keep, Boston Terriers require only a moderate amount of exercise and a minimum amount of grooming, Peterson explained. They’re easy to train, affectionate with their owners and friendly towards people.

5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

A medium-sized breed with a long body and distinctively short legs, Cardigan Welsh Corgis love to be with their people and are loyal, affectionate and even-tempered.

Recognized by their long, bushy tail and darker coloring than their Pembroke relatives, Cardigan Welsh Corgis can adapt to country or city life but do require regular exercise to prevent obesity.

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In this busy and expensive time we live in many households need two incomes,   Between work and children families today are on the go.   Just a few suggestions on breeds of dogs for busy families.

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