Last night was no fun!  Bella’s stomach issues got worse,  so we had to find a vet in Myrtle Beach to have her seen.. The problem was not finding a vet; there were a million of them! But no would see her until after 5:00 PM. We were supposed to check in at the Marriot’s Barony Beach Club on Hilton Head Island by 5:00 this afternoon. We finally found a vet who would see her right away. She was diagnosed with stress related colitis! (I thought that was a human diagnosis, LOL, I suspected that she really was part human all along!).  She has only ever slept in our bed at home.   Not being in her familiar surroundings and HER BED, freaked her out!   The southern vet (who was very nice and good looking) put her on 3 different medications and we started out for Hilton Head Island at 3:00 PM.  Both the staff and the Doctor were great! We had to stop and give her the medicine at the next rest stop since she was getting worse, even while she was sleeping in the back seat.
When we finally arrived at the resort at 7:30 PM  BELLA SEEMED SO MUCH BETTER!

Here is a tip that I learned the hard way.  You know all about your dog. If you have concerns, even if they sound crazy, make sure you talk to your vet. You see, I made sure that I had Bella seen by her regular vet just before we left. I wanted to avoid what wound up being, the inevitable.  Neither one of us thought about how she would react being away from familiar surroundings for so long.   Even though I thought about anxiety weeks ago and I had considered asking her vet for something to keep her calm, but quickly came to the incorrect conclusion that she would be fine as long she is with me.  Take a lesson from me and never second guess yourself concerning your pup’s needs.  If you are wrong in your conclusion , it could negatively effect your trip, and put your pup at risk.

Bella loves our bed. But where will Russ and I sleep?

Bella loves our bed. But where will Russ and I sleep?

Now for the good News    Hilton Head Island is absolutely beautiful and the resort is spectacular!   We have a 2 bedroom-2 bath Villa.  Gorgeous,  It was so worth the trouble getting here.  With Bella feeling better, I can’t wait to start this adventure.   And as you can see,  Bella has already secured her place on the bed (LOL)


 More Coming Tomorrow!    GOOD NITE FROM PARADISE!


  1. PK

    Glad Bella is better. Enjoy HH!

    1. mloverso@rcn.com (Post author)

      Thank you very much for your well wishes, Bella is back to normal and we loved Hilton Head. Keep following. More stuff to come.


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