What Do Cats Think About Us? You May Be Surprised


Unlike dogs, our feline friends treat us like other cats, author says.

This is a fun and interesting article on what your feline fur babies may think about you – their pet parents.  Have you ever wondered what your pets think of you?   You will find these answers to some very common questions on this topic.   Don’t forget to enter your comments at the end of the article  It is very important to me to make sure I am meeting the educational needs of those who utilize this site.

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  1. Aplusmathematicstutorial

    Thanksfor sharing this informative article.

    1. mloverso@rcn.com (Post author)

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I started this web site for pet parents of dogs. Someone suggested that i include our feline furry friends . That was a great suggestion. I have limited experience with cats but I am learning so much about them, it is amazing. Glad you enjoyed this article!


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