What is the Most Common Dog Illness?

The dog is definitely man’s best friend. It is cared for like a child, pampered, groomed, fed, given shelter, and of course, loved. The kind of care you give your dog will be equivalent to the kind of affection it will give you back in return.

Aside from the basic necessities, pet dogs also need regular visits to a veterinarian to ensure that they are in perfect health. Since dogs are almost like humans, they also sometimes get sick. The common dog illness, especially for active dogs like Labradors, is orthopedic problems. Allergies are also quite common. If you do not keep your dogs properly groomed and if you do not take care of their hygiene, they can sometimes suffer from itch and scratch. They are also prone to digestive problems like diarrhea and vomiting. All those concerns, no matter how simple they ma appear, must be given proper medical care and attention to avoid them from getting worse.
Dog Illness and Symptoms

Dogs can instantly suffer from exposure to weather changes, lack of rest and exercise, and imbalanced diet. Here are some signs that you should take note of and should give you a signal to bring your dog to a vet:

* If your dog is not eating or is hardly touching his food, he might be suffering from intestinal problems, dental problems, and worm infestations. A dog avoiding food or refraining from eating is not usual, especially with active dogs like Labradors. Health conditions like diarrhea, urinary tract infections, asthma, and worm infestations may be present. It could also be an indication of more serious illnesses such as cancer, liver problems, and kidney disease.

* If your dog likes to eat grass, mental disturbances may be present. It could be due to anxiety, depression or stress. It may also be a sign or symptom of health conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, and infection.

* A sudden change in weight – either gain or loss – is another alarming sign that you must pay attention to. Unexplained weight change may be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, gastritis, or hyperthyroidism.

* If your dog drools, it could be caused by dental problems, or worse, tumors in salivary glands. You should not take for granted excessive drooling because before you know it, an underlying serious illness is developing.

* If your dog is displaying some breathing problems, it could be a sign of a condition from something as simple as an allergy to something as serious as respiratory disease.

It is advisable that you always keep your dog under close observation whenever you recognize some unusual habits or behavior. You should not take your dog’s health problem sitting down.

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