Why We Love Derpy Dogs

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Why do we love derpy dogs?

Derpy- adj. The condition of being uncoordinated, accident prone, silly, or clumsy.

Some have tongues that are too large to stay in their mouths. Others run into walls when trying to run through doorways. Most trip over feet that seem too large, and ears that are always in the way. But instead of condemning these less than stellar qualities, we celebrate them in our dogs. Shouldn’t we shake our heads and wish for a smarter dog with perfect beautiful features? No, and here’s why:

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The Beautifully Imperfect Human Condition

Derpy dogs are a reflection of the beautifully imperfect human condition. Even supermodels, popular high school kids, and successful millionaires feel inadequate, alone, and flawed at times. That person who you think has it all, probably is scared to death you’ll see through the veneer and notice the imperfection he or she is so careful to hide. Perfect families experience hardships, affairs, heartbreak and dysfunction- it’s just well-hidden behind closed doors. No one lives up to the “ideal” set by society and derpy dogs remind us to celebrate the imperfections in ourselves and others. They encourage us to be real, genuine, and humble

Instead of being shunned to a lonely dog pound cell, these derpy dogs are Internet sensations being celebrated and making others smile and chuckle. Their “ugliness” is termed adorable and their clumsiness endears them to all. Derpy dogs deserve love and even when they miss the first step or fall off the bed in their sleep, we still love them. Their derpy facial expression are better than classic episodes of The Three Stooges or your favorite sitcom. Your derpy dog serves as the perfect example of life’s imperfections and how we can celebrate life through physical comedy and unrestricted love.

Learning to Laugh at Ourselves (and at our derby dogs)

Taking ourselves too seriously is not a desirable trait, and derpy dogs remind us to laugh at life’s imperfections. We can identify with walking into a closed glass door or tripping over our own feet. We sometimes drool when we sleep and wake up with really bad bed hair. We fart when company comes over and try to blame it on someone else. And we realize it’s okay to laugh at ourselves. Our dogs are derpy and worthy of love and so are we.

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Derpy Dogs: The Comic Relief We Love and Long For

One of the best things about having dogs is even when you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day your dog is there to great with enthusiasm and love when you come through the door. Always ready for a furry hug, a quick game of fetch, and an ever-wagging behind, your dog helps break up the monotony of life and can effectively interrupt your streak of bad luck. Even when you feel like Eyeore with a black cloud that follows you wherever you go, your dog can chase away the rain and help you find your tail again. Stop and think about how many times a day you laugh at your dog. Dozens? What else in your life provides a greater source of joy and amusement? Derpy dogs are a constant source of comic relief to help lighten your daily load.

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If your spouse or child falls asleep with his tongue hanging out, snoring loudly, and making running motions in his sleep, you’re probably going to be concerned or wonder if something is wrong. But when your dog does it, you find his actions endearing and adorable and worthy of a chuckle or two. “Oh look! He’s dreaming of chasing rabbits and squirrels! Isn’t that cute?” you might say. Snorting in his sleep evokes peals of laughter and maybe even a quick video with your phone to show your dog-loving friends later. They can relate. You’ve watched dozen of derpy videos of their dogs, after all. The comic relief our derpy dogs provide flavors our lives and enriches even the dullest of days.

Derpy Dog Love

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Marnie the Dog and her minions of derps are taking the Internet and our hearts by storm. Derpy dog memes abound and dog shelters are finding it easier to adopt out traditionally “ugly” dogs with tongue problems, too big feet, and crossed eyes. If we can learn to love derpy dogs, we can learn to love the derpiness within each of us. These pups are teaching us about ourselves and how we should perceive others. Through derpy dogs, we learn to embrace the silly side of life and those potentially disastrous events in life we experience, like tripping in public, sneezing into your coffee, or leaving your zipper down when you go grocery shopping.

The best thing about derpy dogs is they don’t care that they’re derpy, and they don’t care when you’re derpy either. They love you and they love themselves despite how they look, act, or are perceived. They’ve embraced all their derpiness and share their acceptance readily with you.

So go ahead and let your ponytail slip, make a funny face for your next selfie, and giggle when you trip . Embrace the derpy dog inside and live life to the fullest- just like your derpy dog……

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