An update to Bella’s Embark DNA results

Some disturbing news!




The amazing thing about purchasing a DNA  test for your pup from Embark Vet testing is that the test is never over.     As we are all aware , the area of DNA testing is an  explosive field  that  has new discoveries happening all of the time for humans as well as our pups.     Embark Vet is affiliated with many research partners who are continuing the research in Dog DNA.  If something is found , they immediate;y notify the pet parent of the new findings.

Yesterday I received this email:

*”We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the help of our research partner, the Doberman Diversity Project, your Embark results now include the TTN mutation described in Meurs et al, 2019. Dilated Cardiomyopathy, or DCM, is an adult-onset cardiac condition that causes exercise intolerance, pale or cool extremities, and collapse. Caught early, DCM responds well to medical management.

Embark’s TTN test is a linkage test, which uses our high-density genotype data to infer the mutation status at TTN. Our current analyses show that Embark’s linkage test is over 99% predictive of TTN genotype, and that Bella Blue’s linkage test results support an “At Risk” genotype.

Please note that this genotype does not mean that Bella Blue will develop DCM! At this time, there is no research investigating whether this mutation predicts cardiac disease risk in any other dog breed besides the Doberman, or in mixed breed dogs. We’d like to be at the forefront of that research, and need your and Bella Blue’s help! Would you provide an update on Bella Blue’s cardiac health by filling out our Heart Checkup survey below? This should take less than 3 minutes to complete and will help us better understand the significance of this mutation for all dogs. Survey responses are confidential and will be used for research purposes only.”

I was then asked to complete a survey about Bella’s cardio-respiratory status and her age.  This will be sent to the research center to attempt to find a linkage between the genotype and the onset of the disease.. n They go on to explain more about the new test and the “AT RISK STATUS” which is now part of her full DNA test,   It also gives the pet parent  a link to the blog on this blog for more information as well as a link to a Veterinarian Geneticist at the company.

*”Curious for more information? For more about the genetics of DCM, check out this very comprehensive blog post authored by an Embarker and avid dog geneticist, Plear Littlefield.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of veterinary geneticists at We are here to help you through any and all questions about Bella Blue’s health.”

I have included these links for you to check out.   I cannot stress enough the value of the initial DNA test for Bella.  n

Now I know  that I have to monitor Bella for DCM in the future.  If caught early enough the disease can be controlled.  I strongly suggest that you click on the banner link of Embark Vet  on the right of this page, and get your pup”s DNA profile now!  An investment that could lengthen your pup’s life with knowledge.




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