While Veterinary Rehab has been around for awhile, the procedures have been grossly underused – until now,  Veterinary Rehab is an important field that can address many mobility  problems  in our pets.- especially in senior pets.   This is an excellent article that outlines available procedures and therapies that are now available.  If your fur baby is having a problem,  maybe Chiropractic Medicine can help.

Bella is my 8 yr old Service Dog for Mobility.    About 6 months ago, Bella had a minor injury which left her with a right rear limp.   As a Mobility Service Dog, I depend on her to keep me from falling: with a limp and pain, she could not be effective for me.   I was panicked!   After multiple visits to her Vet and months of supplements and pain medications, her Vet told me that she had a Veterinary Chiropractor coming to her office once a month.   She asked me if I was interested.   I was desperate but didn’t know much about this service for pets.   I was skeptical but I agreed.

After an initial evaluation by the specialist, I learned that:

1.Bella’s reluctance to go into a “sit” stance (since 6 months old)  was related to her problem/  she always goes into a “lay”  position

2.The bony prominences that have grown on the “ankle”  part of her back legs is related to her problem

3. When she lays down her left back leg juts out from her body – also related to her problem


This abnormality of her pelvis became more active as she grew into an adult,  The sit/ stay adjustments were noticed during her service dog training.    Since she was achieving a final goal her variations became a joke in the group.  Over the last 2 years this abnormality caused the bony growths to appear- trying to compensate.   Finally, as a senior, the limp would not resolve,

The Specialist did her first adjustment.   She told us that she was able to moive the pelvis into a more favorable position.  She then put Bella in a sit position in front of her.   What a difference.   When we left the office we were told to continue the anti inflammatory meds and supplements as ordered and return in one month,    Bella had NO NOTICEABLE LIMP after the adjustment,  I was amazed!    When we went back the next month the adjustment had worked and lasted.   During that month Bella grew more confident and began running and jumping like she used to do.  We now go back in 2 months for a recheck.    Bella continues to run and jump and work like there was never a problem.   I emphatically recommend Chiropractic services for your pets.

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