Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM Terminal) Pups and Nutrition

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Those of you who follow Lovinmypup will notice that the format of this post is different than usual.   In my days of research for this site  I have joined many Facebook Groups about dogs and Cats.   My Service Dog is a Doberman an this breed and many other breeds are predisposed to a deadly disease called DCM.  (Dilated Cardiomyopathy).  Medical professionals know this as swelling of the heart muscle leading to congestive heart failure and ultimate cardiac collapse.  The same things happen with our pups.   I have discovered a group called DobeHealth on Facebook that has given a great deal of information to the many members dealing with this dreaded disease.  The Admins are amazingly knowledgeable and very willing to help their members.  Lana Kobek is one of the Admins.   Her desire to help and her phenomenal love for all animals make her a very valuable resource.  She recently posted a version of the information below to the DobeHealth.    After reading this post I contacted Lana and asked her to share this information on Lovimypup.  She graciously agreed.   Loss of appetite in our pets can occur as a side affect to many serious diseases – or even if yu have a finicky eater, these tips can make your life much easier.  I hope you appreciate Lana’s tips as much as I do.
My name is Lana Kobuck. I’d like to take a minute or two and address the appetite issues in DCM babies .   I’ve been there with my  Sabrina (some of you may remember her ). She was 13.5 when I lost her  . Its heartbreaking and I’d like to share what was successful for me. I was fortunate enough that my girl had a few pounds to work with losing while I beat my head on the wall trying to get her to eat.  Some of you may not agree with the brands, ingredients and such but in the words of a promising country song “What good is a starving dog? No good at all !” . Feeding is your TOP priority when u get to this point. You can pump all the money at the vets and all the meds you want…. they have to eat. And it doesn’t matter what it is or what people tell u is good. Out the window with that rubbish at this point.
*ole roy dinner rounds (they taste like treats and are very high in calories)
* pedigree patte canned chicken and rice or canned beef and rice (great for gastrointestinal issues also)
*pro plan beef or chicken and rice canned or any canned. I’ve had better luck with patte than chunky.
*stella and chewy’s freeze dried patties
*cooked food . Meat (I’ve found that half cooked beef is tasty), rice, veggies, broth… (no sodium if u can avoid )
*spoon feed and make warm. I spoon fed all of her meals
*dog treats (any and all. Dog creme filled cookies were a hit with sabrina )
*rx from the vet (remeron or entyce ) start with remeron.   It’s cheaper
*canna pet max pet CBD oil (I used this twice a day. 3 drops each dose)
*feed increments all day if they wont eat large meals
*I ordered Nom Nom precooked and delivered food. She only liked the beef flavor
*go to the store and buy a little of everything to try. Donate what they won’t eat. Don’t look at labels…just grab and go
*Dyne caloric supplement (a supplement packed high in calories )
*Force feed . Use a 100 cc syringe and cut the tip to make it wider . Put some pedialyte (plain) in your formula to keep them hydrated. Canned dog food , soaked dry food, blended people food ….anything u can put in there. Only put the formula in sideways in the cheek . NEVER STRAIGHT BACK FOR THEY CAN ASPIRATE.
*meds can upset the stomach and cause anorexia . I gave meds with food …every dose
*pepperoni is huge is fat and was my girls favorite food . Again…don’t be afraid to use their favorite foods. It can even be used to spark the appetite and get then started eating other food.  I also used ice cream with sprinkles. Another of her favorite
*feed away from other pets and in a peaceful environment
Remember…get anything and everything (without overfeeding to the point of sickness ) in them. They need it.
When your going thru this, best of wishes.  I know my house didn’t have food for us,  trying to feed sabrina but it got us 11.5 months with her . Prayers
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    Thank u marsha ❤

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      Lana you are so welcome! And thank you for sharing your infinite knowledge and experience to help others! You are very special.


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