January 4, 2019 by Brandon Prows


Don’t forget to check out the banner/links to the various on line stores to the right of this page  (lap top) or beneath the article (smart phone).  There are traditional pet stores as well as well as  specialty stores for gifts that would make any pet parent ecstatic.
I can personally recommend the Tru Dog Boost Me  since I have been using it to supplement  Bella’s feedings.  I alternate with Chicken and Beef Boost me.  You just sprinkle it on top of your dog’s food to ensure that your dog’s food is nutritious and delicious.
TruDog is also one of the affiliates of   If you want to try this product or one of many natural supplements they sell. please scroll down to the TruDog banner and click on it and order through this site.  We will get a small percentage of the help with hosting costs.
There is also a link to Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart where you can purchase anything that they sell.   We are delighted to announce a new affiliate agreement with  Embark Vet (DNA testing for pups)  Just click on the links and shop for pet products as well as fabulous gifts for the pet fanatics on your holiday lists!   Please note that Lovinmypup will receive a small percentage  from each purchase.through the links on this site.    This percentage helps us keep the site up and running.  We thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping this site operational.Purchases through these links  help me keep this site up and running.
Make sure you share your love with your pet each and every day!

My Bella

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