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I have found a great website that has an abundance of information, plus suggestions on how to handle the problems..  . I  have included  two  links to very helpful articles on their site.





In addition to the traditional products for flea control, there are also instructions on how you can make your own flea control products.  Those natural products are great for protecting both  the pet parents and their fur babies. from flea infestations.   Check out this website for much more information on a variety of topics!

And make sure that you enlarge and print  the infographic to the right so you can post this information on your refrigerator in the kitchen or by your desk for easy reference.    I hope this helps you get through the current “infestation”  season.  This year, for the first time in my life,  I have had to deal with a flea infestation.   It was not fun!   So many of my friends and followers have also been plagued by this problem for the first time.    The best advice is to avoid the problem totally.  Make sure you use effective traditional  flea control methods or some of the non traditional methods on the cited web site.

Have a great rest f the summer and make sure that you share your love with your fur baby each and every day!


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