Help LovinMyPup Welcome Bullitt, June, and Ruger To Our Family!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome this California pup family to our organization.  Thank you Kristal for sharing your the story of your special pups with us.

June is a Personal Protection and Support Dog. She is a German Shepherd


Bullitt is a Service Dog Great Dane 








Kristal tells us that her pups do everything with her family.  Bullitt is 7 years old and June is 3 years old.  They boat, swim, and off road with all of them.    They are truly pampered  pups as they sleep in their beds and usually leave little room for the humans!     The State of California offers many different environments for fun.   These pups are there for all of it – even their pet parent’s marriage last September!

The family Wedding Picture – Pups included.

Their German Shepherd, June even goes on trail rides and both dogs love Lake Powell , California.  At Home the pups relax and love to run around outside. They do have a Corgi sister and an older Great Dane that is having some physical issues   Despite her issues she too loves to exercise with her sisters and brothers and is still a super happy pup.   Here are some more pictures of the “pup”s lives in California.

Bullitt enjoying the beautiful surf

June on the trail following the horse

June relaxing between jobs











Chasing June is one of the other dogs’ favorite past times.  June apparently is the ‘keeper’ of the toys.  She enjoys the play with her sisters and brothers using the various toys in her basket.  These pet parents are smart.  They only use Firehose toys,  which last the longest with large dogs.   Because of their activity levels,  they are fed Taste Of The Wild Food and their proteins are rotated.-  the perfect diet for extremely active dogs.   Bullitt thinks he is the savior of the family, mostly of Kristal’s son,  who is in a wheelchair.   He always thinks he is rescuing them and not actually making it harder .   They let him think that.

June is Krystal’s son,  Adam’s,  Service Dog.    He loves Adam to pieces.  She is at Adam’s side as protection and support.  She is amazing with Adam.  In addition, when the family goes on trails,  Bullitt will also help pull the wheelchair when needed.

Bullitt pulling the wheelchair

Krystal’s husband is an amputee.  Bullitt is his Mobility Service Dog .  Bullitt walks beside him when he doesn’t have his prosthetic device on to assist him in balancing his steps.  Working Dogs are amazing animals!

Here he goes again!









Krystal told us she is adding to her puppy brood very soon.    In roughly two weeks the family will be adding Ruger, a black German Shepherd pup.         We wish you all the luck with your new addition.    Ruger is adorable!





We would like to thank Kristal for this amazing story.   Service Dogs are so important to so many of us who need some assistance with a variety of tasks.    Those of you who follow this site may know that I have a a Mobility Service Dog named Bella.   Without her I could not climb a flight of stairs or even step up on a high curb.    We have an amazing bond as , I am sure, the Service Dogs in this feature have with their handlers.       Thank you for visiting this site.     If you are interested in a feature for your precious pet,  please comment below.

Bella just hanging out!


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