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If you have been following Lovinmypup since 2016 you may remember a special posting called PET FEATURE.  Pet parents love their fur babies to the end of the Earth.   I began to look for parents who wanted to memorialize their pets on line.    Unfortunately when I almost lost my web site in 2017 I had to fight to get back the rights.    I am now comfortable to resume featuring your pets on this site.   And for those of you who have lost a dear fur baby, I also do Pet Memorials.    There is no charge for this service, however , I would ask that you might purchase one item from any of the banner links to stores to help me keep this site cover the cost of hosting.    This is entirely up to you – and not mandatory in any way.  If you are interested in having a feature or a memorial done on your fur baby ,  please contact me on messenger:  Marsha LoVerso,  admin


Dexter first picture before going to his forever home!

Dexter graduates from puppy school

Getting ready to go to my new home


Let’s Meet Dexter.    Dexter was born in the Georgian dirt by a mother that was chained to a tree.   When discovered, he and his litter mates  were taken  by a Rescue organization in Georgia.   While in the shelter Dexter overcame a battle with Parvo – only to be bitten inside his nose by a brown Recluse Spider.    His nasal cavity  abscessed causing his nose to decay and literally fall off.    He was taken to the Shelter Veterinarian for a surgical repair.  He now has one nostril and no upper lip.   Dexter’s now Pet parent was a volunteer at the shelter and was helping them find a forever home for him.   But Lee knew that this pup needed her and within a week Dexter had his forever home when Lee adopted him.   So Dexter was adopted at 6 months of age.  This amazing Lab mix is a wonderful best friend with an extremely  sweet personality.

Dexter is so full of life that he is a joy to watch.   He loves to eat and Lee (his pet parent) describes him as “one of the smarted dogs I’ve ever seen!”   He is always happy and ready and willing for anything!   After the stress of extreme illness and the necessity of being hospitalized for so long , Dexter does not like trips to the Vet.  He has to be sedated even when he needs to go to his Vet’s office for routine or preventative medicine.  But  that is understandable given what he has been through.   Other than this justifiable fear, Dexter is not scared of anything.


Love this couch!

Yea! I am in my forever home.











I am Chloe. Just waiting here at Pet Smart for someone to take me to a forever home.

Now let’s meet Dexter’s adopted sister, Chloe.      Actually Chloe was the first rescue that Lee adopted.  She found Chloe in a dog crate at a Pet Smart Adoption program.   The picture of Chloe on the hard wood floor was taken shortly after Chloe arrived at her new forever home.   Chloe was also a rescue in Georgia.  Her mother and her litter mates were discarded along side of a  road in Georgia. When Lee adopted her, she was approximately four months old.   Her personality  is one of “perfect imperfection”.    She is very anxious and scared of everything.   She needs constant reassurance and much love.

Both dogs are completely inseparable.  Neither one will do anything without the other one.   Papa pet parent goes to bed at 7:00 pm every night.    As soon as these pups hear the closing music on the nightly news, they jump up and wait for Dad.     It’s bedtime and off they go.

Dexter and Chloe are a perfect personality match to each other .     Dexter is assertive and  not afraid of ANYTHING  while Chloe is timid and afraid of EVERYTHING!   Dexter has come to Chloe’s aid during times of loud noises such as Lightning and thunder storms.   In fact Dexter serves as a “therapy Dog” for Lee’s other rescue during these periods of anxiety.  It is a beautiful thing to watch Dexter calm his best friend Chloe.


Two buddies hanging out! would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee for sharing her amazing fur babies with us.    We wish them all the best in 2019!     If you are interested in featuring your pet on this web site please contact me on messenger.  Please remember that we also do Pet Memorials on this site.  Memorialize your best friend  as he/she crosses the rainbow bridge for all eternity.

And make sure you share your love with your pet each and every day!


  1. Lee Randall

    Thank you this is beautifully written. I couldn’t have told their story better myself. They are truly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Hopefully their story will get out and people will see how wonderful it can be to save a rescue dog. ? there is no greater love ? again thank you ?

    1. (Post author)

      Lee You are very welcome! I love giving pet parents and their fur babies the spotlight.. Please spread the word to your friends and thank you for allowing me the insight into your adorable fur babies. It was a pleasure writing about Dexter and Chloe. They are certainly stars in their own right! Happy New Year!


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