Playing with Indoor Cats 28 March 2019

Indoor cat play and games

Cats need lots of stimulation


As the owner of an indoor cat, you too must surely want your pet to be able to live as naturally as possible. Hence, a feline-appropriate home has to offer plenty of variety – the less taboo zones the better for your cat. Flexible feeding times correspond to its natural living conditions better than a fixed schedule. Hence, it should receive its last bedtime treat when you too go to bed. Offer your cat variety and make it more stress-resistant. You should play together as often as possible and once a week bring it a new box to hide in, since this expands the range of smells it is exposed to. You should also integrate new background noises.

Why playing with indoor cats is so important


Playing is hugely important for cats, since it allows them to do away with stress. They follow their natural instincts and remain physically and mentally fit. Indoor cats have less opportunities to let off steam than outdoor cats. They need play and exercise to prevent their muscles and bones from going into decline and to stimulate their intellect. When playing with indoor cats too, it will soon become clear that they are real play experts. When living with humans, they show great enthusiasm for playing right into old age. As soon as you dedicate a bit more time to your pet, it will gladly rouse itself to play. Cats that only lie in a corner and doze have mainly just resigned themselves to the fate of boredom. By playing with indoor cats, you can even prevent behavioural disorders.

How to use cat toys as a form of stimulation


Well-thought out play with indoor cats can also stimulate their intelligence. They always need new challenges in order not to get bored, as they are all too quickly at the risk of being under-challenged in a home environment. The Grumpy Cat, a sock with crackly foil and catnip as a form of stimulation, fascinates your cat and can keep it occupied for hours. The little bell further activates the playful instinct. Robust toys like the KONG Kickeroo Kitten are equally sought-after, because they too encourage this instinct to play and offer countless activity opportunities. Soft toys are always a source of great fascination for cats. Replica mice or other animals stuffed with spelt or catnip are particularly well-received. Be it carrying it around, poking it, throwing it in the air or biting it, your cat can occupy itself for hours with one of these toys. A soft animal toy often makes a lovable cuddling companion too.

catit senses indoor cat game

Intelligent cat toys from brand-name manufacturers


Intelligent toys are popular for playing with indoor cats, because they encourage creativity and in many ways agility. The Scratch and Play Cardboard Cat Furniture is irresistible for cats, since it combines numerous functions. This play device features a scratching mat, ball, feathery toy and beloved catnip. Trixie’s Cat Activity Fun Board connects many play functions. The Catit Design Senses Super Roller Play Circuit is a highlight that uses velocity to make day-to-day feline life that bit sweeter. A luminous ball swishes through the rollercoaster that can be expanded or combined with other elements. It’s hard to imagine a better exercise stimulator, since your cat will tirelessly chase the ball.

More agility when playing with indoor cats


Cat agility involves completing an obstacle course without making any errors and is a wonderful opportunity for indoor cats to keep fit and in shape. Species-appropriate training stimulates the whole locomotor system, as well as your cat’s intelligence to a significant degree. If you’re a novice when it comes to cat agility, you should start slowly and step it up gradually. You mustn’t overwhelm your cat, otherwise it won’t participate. If you have the right toys, you can make a start and encourage your cat to play. You’ll see that it will gratefully accept the offer.

Hide-and-seek with cats


Cats love playing hide-and-seek and welcome any opportunity to hide, be it in a tunnel or behind a door. Allow yourself to come up with ideas when playing with indoor cats, because in this way you keep your cat on its toes. Boxes also make popular hiding spots for cats. This game fits with their natural hunting instinct, so definitely seize upon this easy opportunity to link play with relaxing and stimulating your cat’s intelligence.

Cat games on phone

Free apps for cats

Most cats are crazy for feline-appropriate apps, with “Game for Cats” and “Game for Cats 2” coming top of the list and involving cats chasing a laser pointer. If they catch it, you hear a high-pitched tone and the dot vanishes into a pink cloud. In Version 2, mice, cats or butterflies move across the screen instead of simply a dot. The game works on the same principle and it doesn’t take long to find an opponent. Numerous objects that can be selected move across the screen. If one of the two cats catches an object, it vanishes into a colourful cloud. As a nice touch, a cross forms where the cats have touched the screen.

Observe your cat whilst it’s playing so that it doesn’t accidentally swallow something or get stuck. Regularly check all toys for damaged parts.




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